Earth Day

Earth Day

The first Earth Day was held on 22 April 1970, and heralded the birth of the modern environmental movement. Themes are initiated annually to provide a focus to the Earth Day agenda. From these themes, the team puts together various global initiatives designed at achieving its goals. This year’s theme is Invest In Our Planet. Previous themes have focused on raising awareness around various forms of pollution, global warming, energy and education, among others.

The origins of many notable events have stemmed from Earth Day, from the creation of the EPA (a United States government environmental watchdog), official UN recognition, a 7.8 billion replanting target (one for every person on Earth), and the Paris Agreement.

At Kualesa, we take the Earth Day movement to heart. Our brand ethos includes empowering our customers to make conscious decisions when it comes to sustainable fashion. We’re doing our best to inform our customers, not only on the benefits of natural fibres, but also to look deeper into how it’s made. Bamboo Lyocell is a unique closed-loop process that re-uses 99% of the solvents and water throughout the manufacturing cycle. The harvesting of bamboo as a textile is in itself a highly eco-friendly venture: the fibres are used from cut bamboo poles, while the cut stem continues to grow at a rapid rate of 5-20cm a day, and requires 200 times less water than cotton. Not so bad right?

We’re highlighting two Earth Day initiatives that align very closely with our mission:

1. The Canopy Project: A global replanting initiative to reinstate biodiversity and counter the rate of deforestation.

Many modern companies take part in various replanting initiatives. At Kualesa, we are planting one tree for every order, in a deforested region of Kuala Tahan, Pahang, Malaysia. This will reinstate biodiversity and encourage local wildlife to return to the area. Reports suggest elephants, tigers, and pheasants, among others, to have roamed the area.

2. Fashion for the Earth: Promoting education on sustainable fashion and steering away from fast fashion waste trends

We’ve previously highlighted three powerful ways you can help drive Fashion for the Earth in our previous Blog post here. In short, here are three easy ways to kick-start your contribution:
i) Make the conscious choice to shop sustainable
ii) Buy nice, or buy twice
iii) Avoid following fast fashion trends

The Earth Day team has created some fun ideas for individuals to get involved this year. 52 challenges have been put forth to help work towards a prosperous and sustainable future. Oh, and a few of those strongly encourage sustainable fashion ;). Check them out here for more information.

With these in mind, let’s work together to a more sustainable and prosperous future

Happy Earth Day, Kualesa Fam!

You can find out more information at Earth Day’s official website.