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Our Story

Kualesa started as a small seed of an idea, with a big ambition and an even bigger purpose. The brand has evolved from a simple set of values to a producer of great-looking and super comfortable bamboo apparel that’s challenging fast fashion.

After our founder, Ariff, left the corporate world, he discovered the damage synthetic fibers (the favored textile of the apparel industry) were doing to the environment. Only when he looked closely through his wardrobe did he realize how many 100% polyester pieces of clothing he had.

As an eco-conscious individual, his moral compass went into overdrive, and he dove headfirst into the world of sustainable textiles, which is when he discovered the functional applications of bamboo. After unearthing bamboo’s fantastic attributes, he knew he had found a way to build a company that did things a little differently and had a conscience of its own.

The first step was to convince his best friend, Haris, to join forces with him as a co-founder. Together, they then began developing a product that, first and foremost, their friends would love as they all had the same unsustainable 100% polyester wardrobe.

Company Mission & Purpose

  • Design and manufacture high-quality products in a way that’s better for people and the planet

  • Empower consumers to make sustainable product choices and buy quality over quantity

  • Drive the apparel industry to use more eco-friendly and diverse textiles to minimize the impact on the environment

Customer Value Propositions

  • Unbeatable comfort

    Our garments are stretchy, breathable and offer a premium fabric feel

  • Super good-looking

    We’ve meticulously searched for the perfect cut and developed head-turning designs; our customers agree

  • Sustainable raw materials

    We discovered the magic of bamboo and its rapid regeneration, and are on the hunt to find more sustainable materials

  • Multi-occasional use

    Our products are made for multiple occasions, from work, social gatherings, and even sports like tennis and golf

  • Convenient home delivery

    Being a D2C company allows us to streamline our logistics and get customers their products earlier than expected