5 ways to have a sustainable Christmas

5 ways to have a sustainable Christmas

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Have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas…

Every year, there is plenty of waste that comes from discarded gift wrapping paper and packaging to the inevitable food waste from our all too often excessive Christmas dinners. Many of us are looking to make changes to have a more sustainable Christmas. Here are five easy ways to get started…

  1. Decorate with sustainable Christmas decorations

There's plenty of sustainably made Christmas decorations to buy which includes baubles & wreaths which are great to keep year upon year. 

  1. Get creative with your gift wrapping

Many of us wouldn't dare to hand over an unwrapped gift, but it's time to rethink your wrapping paper if you want to have a more eco-friendly Christmas. If wrapping paper contains glitter, dye, plastic, or foil – it can't be recycled, so be sure to check the paper you are using is fully recyclable or made from recycled content itself.

At Kualesa, all our packaging - mailer bags, hang-tags, and cards - are manufactured from eco-friendly materials. Our mailer bags are made from corn starch, water-based inks and are fully biodegradable or compostable. As packaging is the highest contributor to plastic waste, we believe this conscious choice is an absolute necessity.

  1. Re-use your shopping bags as gift paper

Sustainable gift wrapping is the way forward. When you purchase a top from Kualesa, they arrive for you to place directly under the tree, as they arrive nicely wrapped in our mailer bags. If you’re looking to get creative, paper bags can also make the perfect wrapping paper for Christmas gifting. Large paper bags can be cut along the sides to make a large sheet of wrapping paper.

  1. Minimise food waste

Make your Christmas dinner more sustainable by planning in advance and trying to avoid being tempted by multi-buy offers and discounts that may make you overshop. Needless to say, a more organised approach can save you cash too. Shopping at local suppliers instead of major supermarkets is another way to help reduce food miles and support independent businesses. Win-win. Go for organic and free-range meat where possible, and be sure to utilise any leftovers rather than throwing them away.

  1. Shop from eco-conscious brands

When it comes to sustainability over the festive season, buying from local sustainable brands can help make a positive impact on the environment. Our Batik Tribute Polos make the perfect gift for guys, as our tops are made from Bamboo Lyocell, an eco-friendly alternative to cotton and synthetic textiles such as polyester. 

On top of that,  for every order placed, we have committed to planting one tree in Southeast Asian rainforests allowing us to offset emissions and reinstate biodiversity.