Discover traditional batik motifs.

Behind Batik

Our designs uplift Southeast Asian artisanship through having a modern twist on traditional Batik motifs which allows SEA to celebrate local heritage and non-SEA citizens to appreciate the artisanal designs from the region.

Sidomukti Series

An homage to the Peranakan community in Indonesia. This intricate checkered design symbolizes the balance between good and evil, reflecting the duality of life. This echoes our fight towards sustainability and the collision of tradition and the modern day.

Hokokai Series

A batik motif inspired by cultural collaboration within Peranakan communities. The Hokokai celebrates the merging of Chinese, Indonesian and Malay influences. Its intricate striped patterns and vibrant colours fuse traditional and modern fashion - symbolising unity.

Cirebon Series

Peranakans, meaning 'locally born', were originally descendants of intermarriages between Malays and foreign traders in Southeast Asia. Celebrating diversity and cultural harmony, this motif represents Peranakan creativity and resilience in preserving their unique identity, despite cultural assimilation.

Alas Series

Inspired by the shapes of the tropics, this print pays homage to the message behind the Javanese Alas-alasan motif. Alas means forest in Javanese, and alas-alasan translates to “of the forest”.

As its name suggests, Kualesa’s tribute to the Alas-alasan gathers inspiration from all the flora and fauna found across South-East Asian Rainforests. Always striving to create prints with purpose, this motif hopes to cast a spotlight on our regions historical beauty and natural resources and act as a reminder that we should all be striving to protect and replenish our rainforests.

Rattan Series

The Rattan prints are inspired by coral reefs in Southeast Asia, like the reefs of Anilao in the Philippines and the Redang Island reefs in Malaysia. Combining our base motifs with dark and light shades, gives the collection a balance of deep and vibrant.

Mengkuang Series

The Mengkuang is a large plant that grows along the back mangroves and in Southeast Asian jungles. Its fruits are edible, and leaves are typically used for weaving. The designs of motifs, or kelarai, are usually based on the flora and fauna surrounding the villages where weaving of the Mengkuang takes place.

Mengkuang weaving is decorative, sustainable and made with a purpose in mind. The Mengkuang print represents the weaving together of the different cultures that live in harmony throughout our Southeast Asian regions and the importance of community.

Nitik Series

This batik motif gets its name from the word Tik, which means dot in Javanese. The origin of the pattern dates back to 13th century, showcasing a delicate combination of dots and intricate linework, inspired by woven patola cloth from Gujarat, India. 

We were drawn to this motif as a point of inspiration because here at Kualesa, we love the idea of little things coming together to make a large impact. One dot on a page is seemingly insignificant, but when we come together as a collective, all our individual dots can make a huge difference. To us the Nitik is a great reminder that we are stronger together and the little things matter. 

Truntum Series

This print is a tribute to a traditional batik motif known as the truntum, a geometric pattern said to be inspired by both blooming flowers and scattered stars in the night sky.

In Javanese, truntum and its association to stars, can symbolise guidance. It can also draw parallels to continuous growth through its connection with blooming flowers. The motif is known to symbolise the everlasting, and mirrors Kualesa’s everlasting intent to make a positive impact on the world.

Kawung Series

This is Kualesa’s signature print and a tribute to a traditional batik pattern known as the Kawung, which is also the Motif that the brand’s logo is inspired by.  The simplicity of this motif is said to reflect the concept of a structured universe - being a visual representation of four directions and the four core elements that surround us; Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. 

The design is also widely associated with the concept of universal energy, and the cycle of death and regeneration. The Kawung’s strong ties to longevity is what makes it the perfect motif to symbolise Kualesa’s mission - a more sustainable future for the planet.

Parang Series

This print is a tribute to the traditional batik motif known as the Parang, also meaning knife. There are many variations of the design and usually incorporates narrow lengths and sharp edges. Historically, the sword stands as a symbol of security, protection and the ever-fighting spirit. 

This particular pattern is said to date back to the 16th century, when a Javanese Prince was protected on his journey because he was wearing the Parang motif. At Kualesa, we hope the Parang print lends us a helping hand in protecting our planet and its people.