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Why Bamboo?

Posted by Haris Kamal on
Why Bamboo?
One of Kualesa’s missions is to contribute to a more sustainable future for the planet. This is why we use bamboo fabric to make all our eco-friendly products!
Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative textile to synthetics (FYI - polyester contributes up to ~60% of the world’s textile volumes while taking 200 years to decompose!)

Here are a few reasons why we believe in bamboo:
  1. Bamboo cultivation requires a lot less water when compared to the cotton industry. It requires ~2700 litres of water to produce one cotton t-shirt, whereas our bamboo t-shirt only needs ⅓ of this amount. 
  2. The great bamboo regeneration: Bamboo shoots develop rapidly and can grow up to 20cm a day. It is also self-generating from their roots, therefore do not need to be replanted, cutting down on large amounts of labour that cotton cultivation would have required. 
  3. Bamboo absorbs 5X more CO2 and releases 35% more oxygen than it’s hardwood tree cousins. It also has deep root systems that can prevent steep banks from eroding. 
  4. Bamboo shoots can grow on infertile soil which provides farmers with tremendous benefit. There is a long history of using bamboo to repair previously barren land areas for other crops.
Bamboo Lyocell fabric is created by adopting a closed-loop process using a non-toxic solvent, amine oxide, which dissolves bamboo. With this process, 99% of the water used are reclaimed and reused in the next stage of the production process, greatly reducing water consumption.Closed Loop Process for Bamboo Lyocell
The resulting bamboo fabric makes for an excellent textile and you should choose it over other conventional fabrics for the following two reasons:  
  1. Bamboo apparel provides comfort due to its hollow fibre, allowing for better ventilation and more breathable clothing. It is also insulating - keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  
  2. Bamboo fabric is also antibacterial and hypoallergenic - so individuals with sensitive skin can also enjoy our bamboo apparel
At Kualesa, we prioritise strength and comfort with an eco-conscious spirit.

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