10 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas this Holiday Season

10 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas this Holiday Season

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We know that the holiday season is a very busy time, especially for people who love to celebrate it with their loved ones. Food, family gatherings, and gift-giving are some of the most anticipated practises celebrated during this season. 

Picking out gifts can be fun and challenging at times, as you try to be thoughtful about picking something the receiver will truly like. But, you can make their holidays memorable by going green! Not only will you be able to promote sustainability, but you're also helping the environment. 

We have prepared these eco-friendly and sustainable gifts that will give you some ideas as you run through your gift list. Check out our picks below:

1. Compost Bin

A compost bin may be an unusual type of gift to give, especially during the holidays, but that’s the main reason why it’s unique! Compost bins work well, especially if you gift them to a household that wants to utilise its organic waste. You can even create a customised bin to give a more sentimental feel to this gift!

Otherwise, you may check out some sustainable composting bins here.

2. Reusable Food Bags

A practical gift for your colleagues. They come in handy and are usable for any occasion! Reusable food bags can store sandwiches, fruits, crackers, and many more without taking up so much space if they’ll bring it around at work, at school, or anywhere they like. 

It’s a thoughtful reminder for them too, as it simply tells them to never skip a meal. There are different designs for food bags that you may check on Amazon.

3. Upcycled Furniture

This gift is more of a DIY project, so the person who’ll be receiving this from you might be someone special! There are a lot of DIY projects that you can create found on Youtube and DIY websites, and some ideas you may want to consider are wine bottle chandeliers or tire end tables. 

Sure, they may need a lot of your time and creativity, but once it’s done, it will be something amazing! And memorable too.

4. Insulated/Reusable Water Bottle

Another thoughtful and practical gift for the holiday season. Reusable water bottles help limit consumers' purchases of single-use plastic bottles. Clean water is pretty accessible almost everywhere, so bringing in a reusable water bottle comes in handy. The insulated ones double up on their feature to keep the water warm or cold for up to 24 hours! 

This is another thoughtful gift to consider, as it reminds your receiver to stay hydrated always, and you can buy bottles here.

5. Reusable Kitchen Towels

Yep, kitchen towels are now reusable too! An ideal gift for friends or a loved one who loves to always spend time in the kitchen. Unlike typical paper towels that are intended for single use and harm the environment, reusable towels are made to last for prolonged use. 

Don’t worry though, they do function just like regular kitchen towels, and a bonus is that they won’t need restocking for a long time. You can buy a reusable kitchen towel here.

6. Tote Bags

Similar to the purpose of kitchen towels, tote bags share the same purpose, which is to reduce the use of plastic and paper bags. It comes in handy for a lot of things, from a day out with friends to even buying cupboard items at the supermarket. The best part about tote bags? You get a wide variety of designs to choose from. It’s easily customisable, making it more special to give as a holiday present.

7. Stainless Cutleries and Straws

Send a message to stop asking for plastic utensils ever again! Gifting cutlery sets may be common, but the reason why is something to consider too! From gifting a full set of cutlery—spoons, forks, chopsticks, and knives to adding metal straws, this type of gift is sure to be perfect for your friends who love to travel or just enjoy a food adventure. 

8. Reusable Facial Pads

This gift is ideal for loved ones who are skin enthusiasts! Skincare has always been part of their routine, and they may be surprised by the number of facial pads they’ve thrown out after a single use. By gifting these facial pads, not only will they be kinder to the environment, but they can save up some money and enjoy will enjoy using well-designed pads too! You may support local sellers at Etsy here.

9. Recycled Journal Planner

For your loved ones who love to write about how their day went or to just keep the year on track. Although there are a lot of journals available, earth-friendly journals created with recycled materials are something to consider too. They come at affordable prices, making them a good add-on for gift-giving this holiday.

10. Clothes

Last but not the least, clothes! Nothing can go wrong when gifting clothes! Make sure you get their correct sizes and preferences, though, as they may never make it out of the wardrobe! Yes, clothes are indeed sustainable, but there are some that aren’t. Feel free to browse our collection for sustainable and fashionable apparel to choose from.

Final thoughts

To conclude, the holiday season is not only for gatherings and gift-giving, but it’s a perfect opportunity to influence and send a heartwarming message that can impact not only your loved ones but the planet we're all living on.